Terramundi Pastle Stripes Money Pot



Terramundi Pastle Stripes Money Pot is perfect for saving up for something special! like a new car, bike or that holiday of a lifetime.

The money pot has been meticulously hand painted in a white, and finished with pastel coloured stripes. The result is a shimmering and striking pot, one that will surely become the centrepiece of your home, perhaps on a mantelpiece or coffee table. Saving money has never been more stylish!


Etruscan Money Amphora Our Etruscan money pots are hand thrown in Italy where they have been used for over 2000 years and their design has remained unchanged. Examples of which can be seen in the British Museum  


A Great Gift One of our best-selling lines both instore and online, Terramundi earthenware money pots are really making a name for themselves across the UK. Suitable for young and old, they are hand-painted in London in dozens of great patterns and designs, and we are so pleased to offer a wide selection plus now we are pleased to be able to offer a personalised gift service direct so you can make you terramundi pot extra special.


What is a Terramundi? There is no way to remove coins and notes from a Terramundi pot once you have put it in. Traditionally, a Terramundi money pot must be fed until it is full, at which time it must be smashed- releasing both your savings, and the fortune card which comes with every pot- whilst making a wish. A pot full of mixed gold coins can be expected to reward you with around £400.It is then customary to replace the pot and spend the money on 'good things'.  


The broken pots can be used as holders for plants and candles, or even as a desk tidy. We would recommend inserting the 'claw' of a claw hammer into the money slot, and levering upwards, in order to break off the top of the pot cleanly.


Saving money has never been more stylish! 


Terramundi Pastle Stripes Money Pot

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