Since 2007 Watchbox has been operating as an online watch retailer, working with some of the biggest watch brands in the world to bring our customers the best, most comprehensive array of timepieces. We are now proud to say we are one of a few independent online watch shop.

We are official stockists of all our brands and source all our products directly from manufacturers to ensure 100% authenticity. Any purchase made from us will carry a full manufacturers warranty and arrive at your doorstep with all original official packaging and documents, just as if you had purchased from a high street store. We are proud to boast some of the worlds leading fashion brands including Ted Baker, O.W.L Great Britain, Lorus and Timex

Our growth can be attributed to our exceptional customer service as well as the volume of product we sell. When you buy from us we pride ourselves on the support we provide, from helping you pick the right watch to fix any problems which arise, before, during and after your order is made. We believe our success is heavily influenced by the faith our customers have in our ability to deliver. Regardless if your order is for £20 or £200 the Watchbox team are on hand to assist and advise to ensure your experience on our website is memorable for all the right reasons.


You can purchase from Watchbox sound in the knowledge that you are buying from a reputable official UK dealer, this means you will receive a 100% authentic product from our extensive range with all relevant documents, fully backed manufacturer's guarantees and packaging. Not only that but by choosing to place your order with us you can also count on our excellent dealer status customer service and aftercare which is only an email or phone call away for the lifetime of your product.



It is highly recommended that you only purchase your watch from an official dealer like here at Watchbox to be 100% sure you will receive an authentic watch with a full manufacturer backed guarantee, documents and packaging. Purchasing from an official dealer also ensures you will receive excellent customer service and fast and efficient aftercare for the lifetime of your product.

Beware: There are many online outlets selling fake/replica watches and or grey imported watches which are usually sourced from the Far East, this is often reflected in the "too good to be true" pricing model they use; usually they claim that the only difference between them and official dealers is the price, however, what they don't tell you is that the watch will not arrive with a manufacturer backed warranty. Buying a watch from any of these outlets means the authenticity of the watch cannot be guaranteed, the manufacturers guarantee will not be honoured and you could end up waiting weeks to receive your purchase, as these stores generally order your product once they have received your money; and of course there will be no official dealer service and aftercare to fullback on should you encounter any problems.

How do I know if you are an official dealer? Most manufacturer's list account holders (official dealers) on their websites, this is a good place to start. If the shop you are looking to purchase from is not listed, you can always contact the manufacturer directly just in case their website is not up to date or the shop you're looking for is listed under a company or group name which is different to the website name.



Products displayed as "In stock" on the Watchbox website, are exactly that, in stock and available for immediate delivery worldwide.